Saturday, March 25, 2006

The Beer Tour Adventure

Yesterday Tim, Brendan, Christie, Kendra, Kaylie and I went to Brisbane to tour the XXXX Beer factory. We took the train to Brisbane, had lunch at the Ale House (attached to the brewery) and then went on the tour. Included in the price of the tour was a ticket to try four of the beers in the Ale House, so we all sat down and had some beer, after a while the girls and Brendan decided they were going to go shopping so they left Tim and I there. Eventually at around 6:45 the Ale House closed, still no sign of the others, what are we going to do. We decided one will stay outside the brewery and the other will go check the train timetables, Tim leaves me there. Eventually Tim returns and we decide we will wait until the next train and then leave, figuring the others had left us behind. Tim and I have dinner sitting on the steps at the brewery and then eventually leave and get on the train, we get about half way home and the train stops, and there is no train to transfer to for over an hour and a half. Hmmm, what should we do? Tim and I decided well we have to wait until 11:20, might as well go have a few beers at the closest bar, so we set out walking. We arrive at the bar and sit down and plan what we are going to do if we can't get home (including drawing a map in case we had to walk). After about 45 minutes i feel a tap on my shoulder and a "hey don't I know you" and we turn around to see the other group stranded in the same location! Everyone sits down, has one last beer and then we head to the train station, catch our train and get to our stop, only one bus ride away from home now. As we arrive at our station we see our bus and for fear of it leaving, we begin running, and we do catch the bus. We finally got home after about 5 hours after leaving Brisbane (a 45 min drive from school via car) and everyone is together, Whew! Time to call it a night.
That's my story from last night, today I think we are going to just hang out, maybe some cards or ping pong to pass the time but other than that no plans so far.



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